The Helm Story

Welcome to Helm! We have so much to share, but we will keep it short for you! 🚀


We are Ben and Henry, co-founders of Helm. Our background was primarily in Financial Services and Technology - building products, dealing with large data, and handling complex operations wherever we go. During those times, we have built dozens of internal tools, designed and cracked processes and scaled teams that are responsible for more than SGD$2bn of corporate loans and over SGD$1.5bn of financial assets under management. 💰


In 2021, we had a strong calling to bring the skills and techniques that we have learned and implemented - digitalising operations, implementing digital marketing and growth hacking (which is common in startups), to the small businesses space. We embarked on a journey of entrepreneurship through acquisition. You can read about it here. 🎉

After speaking to many business owners, we learned that small business owners have the common desire to increase productivity via technology, but lacked the know-how. Covid-19 also led us to notice that the healthcare industry would benefit greatly from new technologies that were already being used in financial services. Fast forward to 2022, with all these in mind, we assembled a team that is certainly more than equipped to make healthcare technology work for everyone. Helm was born. 🐣


Before, running a successful clinic was based on having great technical skills, having a good filing system and providing excellent services. Today, running a successful clinic not only requires you to have all the above, you will also need to build and continuously maintain relationships. 🤝

If you do not engage and build relationships with your customers, your competitors will.


There are many tools out there which serve their own purposes (eg. Twilio, Sendgrid, Google Calendar, Stripe, Xero, MailChimp..), but can be used in a combination to achieve a positive outcome. BUT - dealing with and handling many of these separately in your offices and clinics bring about app fatigue for you and your staff, not forgetting how the data is possibly not synchronised across the multiple tools. Some of these standalone tools provide integration methods to allow you to have a direct connection into your current system if you wish to attempt to do so. Doing that for one might still be manageable, but try doing that for another 3, or 5. And try engaging a paid consultant or system integrator to do it. 💸

For too long, technology has been obtuse, complex and opaque. We want to change that and build a healthcare system with everyone, for everyone.


We built Helm with the following principles at the core to help you engage your customers better, and achieve your desired outcomes and results. 📊

  • All you need, in one place - Manage a single, unified platform that keeps all your customers’ and operational data in one place.
  • You focus, Helm follows up - Set up custom rules and leave the rest to us.
  • More signal, less noise - Make better decisions with real-time business insights and analytics.

If you have any suggestions, comments or feedback, please reach out to us at 📮

We will be more than happy to hear from our users. You probably already figured that out.

- Ben and Henry

Looking to provide a better patient experience and to improve your clinic operations?