There is no end to comparison.
Helm vs Others


Suitable for clinics looking to improve revenue and reduce costs

  • Pay for what you sign up for only
  • Unlimited staff users
  • Quicky and easy setup
  • User training provided with test environment
  • Comprehensive migration support
  • Built-in seamless integrations
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Suitable for clinics that want to remain status quo and not leverage on technology

  • Significant lump sum upfront regardless
  • Limited staff users
  • Various degrees of setup complexity
  • Lack of user training provided with no test environment
  • Lack of migration support (**extra costs)
  • Lack of integration with external software tools
So.. What's then special about Helm?

TLDR - There is no end to comparison.

We have seen what the other Practice Management Software have to offer, and they definitely have their plus points! You have plenty of options, so it is important to do your research and make the best choice for your business.

We would rather spend more time building and improving Helm so that we can design a product that fits what you need. At Helm, we truly believe in building with everyone, for everyone.

Since you are here, we do not want you to leave empty-handed - so here is a checklist of 5 questions that you should definitely ask when you are looking to adopt a Practice Management Software.

How to choose a Practice Management Software?

  1. Does the system have the features that your clinic(s) need? Do not assume. You might not need everything, but there will be features that you need and are not available yet.
  2. Does the system have a suitable pricing scheme for your clinic(s)? You pay for what you get and what you use. Different pricing tiers are usually available to fit your company's scale and also allow for upward growth.
  3. Does the system work on the type of devices your clinic(s) use? Laptop, iPad, iPhone, Android Phone are just a few devices being used in the clinics. You want to make sure the chosen system supports all the devices that you plan to use.
  4. Does the system have a prompt support service for the end users? You will need it one day. Things might not break on a usual day, but you definitely want to be prepared for the day it does!
  5. Does the system have proper data controls and security measures in place? The last thing you want is your patients' data being leaked. Malicious people are everywhere, you want to be assured that your company's data is safe in transit and also safe in storage.
Speak with us, and we are always happy to walk you through what could possibly be your new shiny internal tool!
Frequently asked questions

Do I get a discounted price if I am willing to commit for a longer term period?

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Can I terminate the subscription at any point in time?

Are there any other hidden costs apart from the monthly subscription cost?

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